Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Blockchain

Most likely you have already heard about the new blockchain technology that opened a bunch of new doors that you can benefit from. In case you don’t really understand what blockchain is or how does it work, don’t worry, we are here to help you out. We will try our best to give you the best explanation that we can about blockchain. Whenever you want to make a transaction through the internet, you will need to trust a third party in order to complete your transaction. Well, blockchain is designed to give people the chance to not use a third party for their transactions, this way saves a lot of time. The blockchain is relying on math and cryptography to provide you this feature, essentially, it provides people an open and decentralized database for making any type of transaction. It can be money, work, goods, or even property.

Of course, this will affect the economy in the future by a lot and people will need to get used to it. Everyone who will have access to the internet will be able to use these blockchain based transactions, which means that every third-party trust organizations that we used before will not be necessary anymore. For organizations like that, this is something that they are not looking forward because it can be the end for them. If you are still not sure why you need to use blockchain, then continue reading, we put together a short list of things that might change your mind.

Not Controlled by a Central Authority

One of the main reasons why people need to start using blockchain is because it doesn’t require a third party to complete the transaction. What this means is essential that your transactions will no longer be overlooked by the central authority. Of course, there are some people who want to have a third party involved because they feel like there should be someone in charge of authentications and authorizations of the transactions. Does this mean that you will have less security because you don’t have a third party overlooking your every transaction? No, it doesn’t, you will have even higher security measures that will allow you to feel much safer. If you want to know how is that possible, then you can find an answer right here below.


lockThe regular servers and data are usually centralized which makes them an easy target for malicious attacks. By simply using a decentralized data, the difficulty for these malicious attacks is increased by a lot. Overall, blockchain will make the data extremely hard to breach because it is all encrypted and sealed away. If someone would want to hack a specific block, they will need to go through every single block that was before it. this makes hacking the blocks almost impossible, of course, it is all depending on the blockchain that you are using because they all have different security measures and they use different algorithms. So, if you want to have safe transactions this is the way to go.