The simplicity of 3D modeling

Very few people will tell you that 3D modeling is easy because they don’t understand what it means to create a 3D model. Even those that know it will tell you that it’s a complicated process that requires a lot of work and dedication. All of them are right, except the fact that their opinion can be applied to any other type of work.

But I will say that 3D graphics design and modeling is easy as long as you are willing to invest your time in it. This refers to all other types of work. If you want to learn how to do it, then you will succeed, and it will stop being hard and turn into something you do with ease.

A simple guide to 3D graphics creation

I can’t teach you how to design 3D models because there is little to no space in a post to work on it. But, I will give you some general guidelines on how to become good at it. The first step is to find a decent 3D modeling software. The market is full of these, but you shouldn’t stray away from big names like Blender and others well-known brands. The first software should be a free one as professional software that costs money is expensive (anywhere from 500 dollars to several thousand).

The best free software has all options that paid alternatives offer, with small differences that won’t deny you anything significant at this moment. Forget about making something when you get that software and focus on familiarization with the same.

Take your time and learn all of the options that software has as it will be necessary when you start working with it. Learn what interface and toolbars contain as they are your tools. Don’t even think about starting a project if you don’t understand what those tools do.

Working on a project

This is where you use the knowledge of software and start working on your first 3D graphics project. Don’t start with anything complex as you are still new to it. The first project should be all about learning how things react to different tools.


This is also the first time you will encounter viewports and construction planes. These two represent the complex nature of 3D graphics modeling as they determine the success of your work. Experiment with these two, and you will realize how they affect the project. It might take some time because they have a massive effect on the geometry of the thing you want to create. This is the point where many people give up as they realize that 3D modeling isn’t something they can learn in a day or two and that it takes months and months of practice to create a product that is worth something.

The latest inventions allow the use of blockchain in 3D modeling, and this is something many fail to comprehend. This is a relatively new tech that allows quick creation and rendering of 3D objects between two or more parties without the need of a third party that hosts the said object.