All you need to know about the conference

It’s safe to say that this conference will be the most significant event of that type and thus there is a lot to talk about. Now, the website will contain all relevant info like schedule where you can see what will happen and when. It will also have a display of all info any attendant wants to know. This is why I won’t trouble you with that.

What I want to discuss are the services and other things that are attached to this conference. For example, the ability to attend the meeting from the comfort of your house is one of those things. You will also be able to participate in online learning classes. Things like this are essential, and thus I will discuss what you can get out of them.

Online conference – The easiest way to convey knowledge

Very few people can afford to travel across half of the world to attend a meeting. The journey itself costs a lot of money, and don’t forget other expenses that pop-up. This involves everything from booking a hotel for several days to food, drinks, and all those small expenses that add up. And then you have to remember that a trip across half of the world will last between two and four days. This means that many people need to take some time off work, and the result of that is a reduced salary.

None of this plays any role in a case of an online conference. An online meeting can happen anywhere in the world, and you can still attend it from the comfort of your home. This stress-free way of attending allows people to sit back and follow everything that the conference has to offer.

This conference is all about 3D graphics and how blockchains affect it, and thus a tremendous amount of content is featured in 3D. But, you won’t lose too much if you don’t have a device that will allow you to view something in 3D.

Introducing the stars of the 3D design world

3dNo conference would be complete without lecturers who know what they are talking about. Yes, a professional lecturer who succeeded in a market is someone who knows how things work, and thus they have a lot of knowledge to share with others. Web3D2013 knows this, and therefore all lecturers are high-profile individuals who specialize in various areas of 3D modeling. Their lectures have a learning side where you can get new info about 3D modeling and creation and improve your skills in this industry.

No lecturer in this conference will talk about themes that will result in zero relevant info. Every lecture will have elements that will introduce new ideas and concepts that have a chance of improving the industry.

The other important thing to note about the conference is the introduction of online workshops. These workshops allow you to work along with some prolific professionals. This interactivity means a lot as those pros can teach you a lot during these workshops.