A basic Clara.io introduction and guide

Today I want us to take a bit more detailed look at the software called Clara.io. This is one of the best 3D modeling and graphics software you can find on the market due to the broad array of options it offers.

This is a web-based app that will allow you to render, create and animate 3D content. The creator of this software is a well-known and reputable Exocortex, also known as the creator of plugins for 3ds Max, Maya, and Softimage.

Basics of the Clara.io

Any web browser that can support WebGL is a suitable platform for Clara.io. If you are interested in checking this software, then you should try it on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they provide the best results. Other browsers can work as well, except Internet Explorer that can’t run this application.

The primary page (when you run the application) is blank as it displays the content you did or imported. The page will change as you create new projects. This page is known as Scenes as all projects you work on will be in a Scene. A Scene contains all project relevant data that ranges from models and cameras to animations and render settings. You start all new projects in the Scenes page, where you also can resume the work on ongoing projects as well.

Sharing the workload

As you already know, Clara.io is 100% web-based 3D modeling application, and this also means that all work is stored on Cloud server. This allows you to share your projects with other people and collaborate on finishing them.

Sharing projects with Clara.io is easy, and you can monitor the progress without any delay via live stream.  This allows for collaboration where two or more people work on the same project simultaneously. You have to embed the Scene in the same way you do it with videos or images. The list on the side will tell you who has access to the Scene. You can change this by inviting other Clara.io users to the collaboration project.

Player settings are also the part of sharing option as it allows you to showcase the project to people who don’t have Clara.io. It’s up to you to decide the extent to which they will be able to view the product. This also allows you to create EULA to license your work. You can also use existing EULA documents if you find one of them suitable.


The interactivity that caters to professionals

One excellent thing about Clara.io is varying degrees of interactivity. This means that everyone can use it to create 3D graphics models, but only professionals will end up with products that are worth some money.

The creator of the application offers a detailed guide that will help you learn how to use the Clara.io. The guide is long, and it will take you a bit more time to learn what every option means. The complexity of the guide will teach you everything you need to know about the app and how to create high-quality projects.